Running and Running Movement Coaching

Nigel is a UK Athletics running coach (with  a speciality in fell running), a Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Association of Sports Medicine) and trained in Gary Wards’ Anatomy in Motion system.

Running is, at once, an incredibly complex pattern of movement while, at the same time, being the most innate, natural thing that we do. We are, after all, the running ape. Born to run. Our development as a species came from our ability to run. Our intelligence, our society is borne from running. It was our ability to run and to hunt in small societal groups that enabled us to become the most dominant animal on the planet. It is inherent in all of us.

Yes, the very process that enabled us to become more intelligent also, paradoxically, became the very thing that has impacted negatively on our natural ability to run in the modern world.

We have created a world that is centred around convenience. The wholly unnatural habit of sitting, either on our sofas at night, at our desks during the day or in our cars in between causes all sorts of impacts upon our running bodies. We engage in activities that are repetitive in one direction such as golf, cricket, football which lead to all sorts of postural distortions. We are addicted to tablets and mobile phones which again, put strains on our posture that has a massive effect.

There are no such thing as running injuries. There are lifestyle and occupational issues. Sometimes traumas and accidents. All these impact on our posture and natural movement. Then running finds them out.

Running Movement Course

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This 6 week course is based on the Flow Motion Model (from Anatomy in Motion) which maps the position of every single joint in the human body at each stage of the human gait cycle. The movements you will learn will recapture the natural human movements that some of us have forgotten. Those of you with long term repetitive injuries will benefit greatly. Those without will find an enormous boost to your running power and efficiency. You will build strength and power without weights. You will develop range of motion and mobility without any static stretching (which has no place in human natural movement). You will develop balance. You will become the best runner you can be.

For some the transformation may take place within the 6 weeks. Certainly, there will be some change. For others, it may be that you will be equipped with the tools to transform but yours will be a longer journey.

The three main elements of the course are:

Balance           Strength           Mobility

All three are equally important and it is in creating an equilibrium between them that the magic happens. All too often systems emerge which are too dependent on one or the other. You will hear people espouse the value of strength training. You will hear people rave about mobility or even ‘flexibility’ as though it is the answer. The fact is you need both. Both equally. One without the other is worse than nothing at all.

The homework I set each week will be crucial to your progress. This is a progressive course, and it will get more demanding as it goes on. But, if you follow the movements and do the homework you won’t have an issue.

Alternately we now have the online version available HERE

This is the same course as above but all online so you can fit it in to your own timetable with accompanying PDF manual and access to the Run True community.

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