Brazilian Santos

Rich bodied, subtle acidity, walnuts and sugar cane.

Body 6/10 Acidity 4/10


Columbian Supremo

Medium strength and sweet tasting, smooth finish and pleasant acidity. A gourmet coffee. Body 8/10 Acidity 7/10


Old Brown Java

Medium roasted with good heavy body and sweet overall impression. Gentle acidity with nutty, wood characteristics.


Central blended Decaf

Rich and full bodied. Medium Roast


Cuban Serrano Lavado

Superb rich and traditional full-bodied coffee. With a great Mocha hit and little or no fruity acidity you can savour the nuttiness of this coffee. There is a background smokiness that can be attributed to sandalwood or tobacco.


Indian Monsoon Malabar

Complicated and intense with its smoky, moist, cigar, earthy flavours adding to an already earthy and smoky bean.


Rwanda Inzovu

Nice fullbody and a sweet clean aftertaste. It has a beautiful chocolate undertone and is smooth and sweet.




Green is for Go!

Spinach, celery, cucumber and apples


Lemon Ginger Zinger

Lemon, ginger, carrots and apples


Sweet Success

Apples, celery, banana, dates and honey


Tropical Turbo Treat

Mango, banana, spinach and coconut water


Boost your Run

Banana, pineapple, broccoli and honey


Beet It

Beetroot, lime, carrots, apples and ginger

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